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As a frequent airline traveler and dermatologist, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems, I am well aware of the exposure to contagious bacteria, mites and viruses that can occur on flights and other seats.  The Kehei Traveler seat cover provides and added layer of protection for my body against the transmission of germs because it provides a bacteriostatic barrier between my body and the underlying seat.  I also am a believer in Tea Tree Oil and appreciate the fact that the seat covers are infused with it, which adds an even extra barrier of protection.


Why has no one thought of this before?  I applaud Ms. Moore for developing such a great product that will cut down on the risk of transmission of organisms.  These seat covers are also great for use in theaters, rental cars, cruise ships, and other public seating venues.

Fanny L. Berg, M.D.

Wilmington, DE

For over twenty years I have worked in structured environments that have placed an emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.  However, it is during the past few years of working at a hospital, that I have become increasingly aware of how vulnerable we truly are.  In this transient world, it is inevitable that each of us, as well as our loved ones, will be exposed to germs, viruses and bacteria that may be harmful.  Even the most serious of infections can be transmitted by common bacteria which live on the skin and sometimes in the nasal passages.  Kehei Traveler seat covers allow you to place an additional barrier between you and potentially contaminated surfaces.  In addition, Kehei covers are unique in that each cover is infused with tea tree which has a long history of traditional use.  As a child, my mother first introduced me to tea tree oil.  She taught me about its wide variety of uses and potential benefits.  I find security in the fact that Kehei Traveler has chosen to integrate ancient wisdom with a cutting edge product. I commend Miss Moore for taking the initiative to develop a user friendly product that promotes health and wellness, not only for the individual, but the community as a whole.  Standards of cleanliness will vary from individual to individual.  As a result, whether you are on a plane, bus, or at a movie theater, you are, in essence, sharing that seat with each person that has been there before you.  Without that added layer of protection, it is as if you are accepting each of these other standards, exposing yourself and, ultimately, your community to whatever comes with that decision.  With the recent pandemic and other aggressive communicable infections, it is more important than ever that we take additional measures to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our society in general.  Kehei seat covers are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and they allow me to feel like I have more control over my immediate environment.  Wherever I go, I am able to bring my Kehei cover and create my own sphere of influence, one where I feel clean, comfortable, and sheltered from the ‘great unknown’.  It is essential that people realize the importance of being PROACTIVE when it comes to protecting their health.  I strongly support independent companies, such as Kehei, whose products bring personal health and social responsibility to the forefront while also providing us with potential solutions and a practical means of defense.  The fact that the developers at Kehei have chosen to integrate established natural resources, such as tea tree oil, into their seat covers, further demonstrates to me that they are genuinely committed to producing a quality product. 

Betsy L. Willey

Patient Care Unit Coordinator

Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen, CO

Having used the product [Kehei Traveler] on a recent flight to Colorado I can say that it gave me the security and safety of knowing that my family and I had the protection of a barrier against surrounding germs.  Ms. Moore has developed a product that will revolutionize the industry of preventing transmission of infections.  The product is a seat cover that has bacteriostatic component in addition to a physical barrier and can reduce the risk of infection transmission.  As a physician it has become a great concern that we have an epidemic of contagious organisms and whatever can be done to reduce this is of significant value.  Kudos to Ms. Moore.

Robert Mellman, MD

I am writing this endorsement in hopes to enlighten others with the protection that the Kehei Traveler is offering.  As a plastic surgeon for many years, I am keenly aware of how susceptible the human body is to infection.  With the rampant rise in highly contagious aggressive community-acquired infections many of which the skin is the access of entry, the Kehei Traveler provides that added layer of protection from germs and bacteria.  I highly recommend the traveler to my patients.


Good health begins with personal responsibility.  Kehei Traveler is a strong step in the right direction in my patients proactively protecting themselves.  Not only does it add a layer of comfortable, protective layer between you and whatever seat you are on, but is also infused with tea tree which acts as a natural fighting agent.  I am happy to know someone has created a product that is beneficial to one’s personal hygiene.

Lee A. Gibstein M.D.

Bay Harbor Isl., FL

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