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I want to share a special announcement with you!

Today, all of us at Kehei Corp.  are thrilled to be able to do something we've been working on for over 6 months— enable our early supporters who are eager to see a return to a normal and safer life by minimizing exposure to germs, an opportunity for ownership in Kehei through this Internet Public Offering.

We have been working tirelessly to build Kehei into the most reliable & adaptable seat cover solution— helping airlines and hospitality businesses to get people enjoying again, while eliminating fears of picking up germs and carrying them around in the process. And in turn, generating positive socio-economic impact for the businesses, and the community at-large. This special opportunity allows you to help us continue to make a meaningful and lasting impact—and we have BIG plans! 

Our seat covers create a barrier to help avoid exposure to communicable disease found on planes,  public seating at stadiums, movie theaters, gym equipment, beach chairs, etc... We have obtained two patents, established a successful manufacturing partner in China, forged strong retail distribution partners, and are building a board of advisors who believe that Kehei Corp. is a multi million dollar venture.

These types of opportunities don't happen often, as most people don't get access to early stageprivate companies, and it has been a goal of ours since the very beginning. This is a very real opportunity to invest at an early stage, and we invite you to join us! 

You can find out how you can participate with us by following this link:


Truly Yours,

Adrienne Moore, CEO and Founder

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