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Patent numbers:  US 9.402,484 B2  and  US D807,668S

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What are the hazards of occupying a public seat?


Transitional environments such as planes, trains, stadiums, movie theaters and other public venues are havens for commutable illness.  Your skin is the point of first contact for germs that contain cold, flu, staph, tuberculosis and E.Coli.  The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover creates a protective barrier between your skin and public seating reducing your chances of coming in contact with surface germs and bacteria.


Why am I at greater risk of getting sick when I fly?


Due to the high altitudes at which commercial airlines fly, the cabin air is extremely dry, containing as little as 10 percent of the humidity found on the ground.  This leads to dried-out breathing passages which weaken your natural defense system and increase susceptibility to diseases.


To put it bluntly, you are traveling in a tube of partially-recirculated, low-oxygen, low-moisture air, filled with any number of germs, and diseases brought on board by other passengers.  The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover works in tandem with your natural defense system by reducing your chances of coming in contact with surface germs and bacteria.


How do you catch a cold?


The Rhinovirus is transmitted primarily by contaminated hands carrying the virus to the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.  Hands can be contaminated by direct contact with another person or by indirect contact with contaminated surfaces and items.  Cold symptoms begin between 12 hours and 5 days of exposure (usually 48 hours later).

The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover creates a physical barrier reducing your chances of coming in contact with harmful germs such as the Rhinovirus.  Each travel kit also includes an alcohol-based mini hand sanitizer for quick and convenient hand sanitation.


Is Kehei Traveler a protective barrier against potentially harmful germs?


Yes.  Kehei Traveler seat covers work by creating a physical barrier between you and live bacteria.


Is The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover easy to use?


Yes.  Kehei Traveler Seat Covers are designed with your comfort in mind.  The use of eco-friendly materials ensures your utmost comfort.  The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover takes only seconds to be placed comfortably on a seat and each cover is assembled with adjustable Velcro straps to allow you to create the perfect fit.  Seat covers are compact and fit in their exclusive carrying case which is lightweight and unobtrusive for easy packing and storage.  Each seat cover kit includes a tray table and armrest covers as well as disinfectant wipe for your convenience.  Available in both reusable and eco-friendly varieties, the seat covers accommodate several different seating, armrest, and tray sizes.


How do infections spread?


Hands are a significant transmission route for many types of infections as they come into direct contact with known portals of entry for pathogens (mouth, nose, conjunctiva of the eyes, etc.).  The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover creates a protective barrier between your hands and surfaces which may contain infections such as armrests and tray tables on public seating.


What can I do to help prevent getting sick when I travel?


Due to heavy traffic and the close proximity between travelers, public transportation is a haven for bacteria and germs.  Being aware of your surroundings - what you come into physical contact with can greatly reduce your risk of germ exposure. 


Utilizing protective barriers, such as the Kehei Traveler Seat Cover, regularly washing your hands, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated and well-rested are positive ways to help reduce the spread of disease and are also helpful in creating a strong defense against germs and bacteria.


Are Kehei Traveler Seat Covers useful for children?


Yes.  Because children are born curious explorers they are constantly exposed to numerous potentially harmful germs and bacteria making them among the populations most germ-susceptible citizens.  This exposure partnered with youthful immune systems casts children as prime candidates for contracting harmful illnesses.  By implementing hygiene practices at a young age and providing them with appropriate germ preventative gear such as The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover, parents can be sure they are fostering healthy habits and a cleaner, safer, environment for their children.


How many uses can I get out of a reusable Kehei Traveler Seat Cover?


Depending on the frequency of use, Kehei Traveler Seat Covers are extremely durable, machine washable and are manufactured to have a long lifespan.  The reusable model is designed to last 2-3 months and the eco-friendly model can stand about 2-3 washes.


Where can I buy a Kehei Traveler Seat Cover?


For your convenience, Kehei Traveler Seat Covers can be ordered directly through this site.  Kehei Traveler seat covers are also in the process of being distributed throughout major retailers and public transportation venues.  Our staff is readily available to assist you with your purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance or to customize your order. 


Wherever you go, we've got you covered.