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For the past 25 years, Adrienne Moore has been a social entrepreneur and advocate of environmental causes.  She began her career in Michigan, where she owned and operated two of the most beautiful and successful golf courses in the area: Byron Hills and Golden Tee.  Adrienne also developed and ran Hera Cosmetics, an eco-organic and non-toxic women's cosmetic line. 

When The Cotton Exchange in New York City was damaged by a fire in 1997, Adrienne, then owner of Cat Team, was retained as the independent adjuster responsible for restoring the building to its original state.  She also restored the homes on St. Felix Street after a water main burst and threatened the structural integrity of the buildings.  She and her team implemented methods that protected the homes and prevented further damage. 


As a principal with Artisan Construction, Adrienne has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to the preservation of historic buildings.  She spearheaded major renovation and restoration projects for some of South Florida's largest and most popular hotels.  Some of these structures include: The Grand Flamingo (previously The Old Morton Towers), Siam Yacht and Condo Hotel in Hallandale Beach, Marriott Harbor Beach Club, Marriott Boca Raton, South Seas Resort in Captiva and The Spa at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale.


Adrienne's newest venture is establishing The Kehei Corporation.  She has launched the first product: The Kehei Traveler Seat Cover.  The seat cover will allow travelers to effectively and affordably maintain a protective barrier between them and public seating.


The Kehei Corporation is further evidence of Adrienne's commitment to the health and well being of others, as well as her dedication to bettering the environment.

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