Lee A. Gibstein M.D. - Bay Harbor Isl., FL

I am writing this endorsement in hopes to enlighten others with the protection that the Keheitraveler is offering. As a plastic surgeon for many years I am keenly aware of how susceptible the human body is to infection. With the rampant rise in highly contagious aggressive community acquired infections many of which the skin is the access of entry, the Keheiraveler provides that added layer of protection from germs and bacteria. I highly recommend the traveler to my patients.
Good health begins with personal responsibility. Keheitraveler is a strong step in the right direction in my patients proactively protecting themselves. Not only does it add a layer of comfortable protective layer between you and whatever seat you are on but is also infused with tea tree which acts as a natural fighting agent. I am happy to know someone has created a product that is beneficial to one’s personal hygiene.